Hublot is inaugurating an exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the All Black collection

Swiss watchmaker Hublot inaugurated the exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the All Black collection on display at the prestigious Pisa Orologeria flagship store in Via Verri 7. The exhibition runs until 10 December.  

A glamorous event in the heart of Milan’s Golden Quadrilateral, moving to the beat of Hublot’s hallmark invisible visibility: in a sophisticated, totally black atmosphere, Hublot’s Regional Director Augusto Capitanucci and Pisa Orologeria CEO Fabio Bertini welcomed Juventus players Giorgio Chiellini and Alex Sandro and introduced more than 200 visitors to the sophisticated world of Hublot’s All Black. Customers, friends of the brand, journalists and Hublot aficionados alike savoured a series of showcases of the fascinating phenomenon that took the watchmaking industry by surprise in 2006 with the introduction of the first Big Bang All Black that went on to become one of the distinctive and essential parts of the DNA of the Nyon-based company.

“A very important phase in Milan, demonstrating the strong bond of Hublot with this beautiful country, with which it has a great affinity and also many partnerships, such as with Juventus, represented this evening by two champions in Giorgio Chiellini and Alex Sandro, as well as the partnerships with Ferrari and Italian Independent, perhaps there is nothing else lined up... All Black has now become an essential philosophy and a real and fitting trademark, an object of desire for all fans of the brand. Therefore, the exhibition inaugurated on December 1st is a real tribute to an icon destined to define the path of Hublot forever.”

Augusto Capitanucci, Regional Director Southern Europe & Mediterranean Countries

Much more than just an inauguration, it is truly a tribute to an icon that has come into its own, garnering recognition and acclaim worldwide.

The exhibition

It is the only Italian stop in the line-up of exclusive events to commemorate the All Black collection worldwide (Bangkok, Shanghai, Moscow, Manila, Tokyo, Monaco, London, Prague, Milan etc.) from October to December 2016. The evocative colour-coordinated exhibition on display for two weeks by Pisa Orologeria traces the history and evolution of the powerful and symbolic aesthetics that have now become the trend.

2006-2016, 10 years in 19 models. Showcase after showcase, hand after hand, material after material, Hublot invites you to immerse yourself in its very special narrative of the passage of time and discover the All Black icons and limited editions that have become an integral part of the top list of Hublot fans and collectors.

From the first All Black model offered by Hublot in 2006, in black ceramic with nearly invisible black markers on the dial – the Big Bang All Black, a 250-piece limited edition – to the Big Bang Aero Bang All Black in 2008 and the Classic Fusion Chronograph All Black in 2011, and the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black in 2016 that, through the sapphire’s transparency, lends an entirely new dimension to the dichotomy of visible versus invisible. A new and original form in full black that – exactly ten years since the presentation of All Black aesthetics – reverses the established order once again, showing the entire structure of its movement and gears and making the case invisible. The quintessence of the All Black concept, in a 500-piece limited edition.

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