The originality and the committed vision of “Formafantasma” and “Dozie Kanu” won over the panel of Judges for the Hublot Design Prize 2018

Design and Innovation have been synonyms for Hublot since it was founded in 1980. There is a natural fusion between Hublot and objects or moments that create a turning point, make history or change the world. We are committed to inspiring, infusing, supporting and transmitting so that creation never ends. This is truly the aim of the Hublot Design Prize—promoting promising designers from around the whole world; rewarding innovative and the extraordinary experimental projects that illustrate innovative materials and techniques, and new technologies. And, above all, a design that conveys messages, which is part of a social and environmental approach.
When creating has meaning!

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

Grand Basel I Basel I 4 September 2018 - The Hublot Design Prize in figures: 7 promising Designers – 15 countries / 4 continents - 6 judges on the panel – 2 winners: “Formafantasma” and “Dozie Kanu” – A prize of CHF 100,000. – to be split– Inspiration, Creativity and Meaning as a watchword!

Objects with an emblematic design are around us in our daily lives. They are so widely acknowledged that the name of their designer or their name is as well-known as the brand with which they are associated. This is the trajectory followed by the Big Bang watch, its rubber straps and its innovative design with the fusion of materials. It stands out as an icon, which in turn will leave its own mark on the world. It is this trajectory on which Hublot wishes to launch a new generation of designers. A generation that sees design as a means to convey a message, be it about reducing inequality, consumerism and therefore producing responsibly and sustainably, bringing people back together, making the intangible tangible or even making a gender-neutral world. Seven designers who, each with their own expression, through their creations, demonstrate quite simply that design can have many meanings and can change things, even the world!

They have talent, they have vision—they are the future of design. Under the eyes of the judges, made up of 6 influencers from the world of design from Switzerland and abroad, the Hublot Design Prize offers these designers a springboard and an opportunity to gain renown and visibility. The prize was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iconic Big Bang and has travelled from Tokyo to London, taking in the Hublot Manufacture in Nyon on the way. For its fourth awards edition, Hublot have chosen to host it at the first staging of Grand Basel—an event that sees the automotive world from a new angle.
A fourth edition that also shows a new way of thinking about design. Hublot’s philosophy is quite simply to be “the first, unique and different”.

The Hublot Design Prize 2018 rewards the works of “Formafantasma” and “Dozie Kanu”.

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