Love stroke, respect and preservation, HUBLOT and Black Jaguar - White Tiger Foundation

HUBLOT and Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation celebrate this memorable alliance, presenting an artistic, unique and charitable project.

Today, during the press conference and presentation of this alliance, it was released that the Swiss luxury watch brand and the feline foundation will work together on a special project.

As part of a first step of the project, 10 celebrities of different artistic categories were chosen. Thanks to its unconditional love for animals and environment, they have decided to support and help with their talents in this noble cause.

Each of the celebrities will receive a statue of a feline to work on during the next weeks using their artistic skills according to their professions, life styles or message they want to transmit.

It is an honor and a privilege for HUBLOT and Black Jaguar- White Tiger Foundation being able to work side by side with celebrities that share the same values and vision on this amazing project.

The culmination of this first step joining efforts, will be on November 1st. HUBLOT will host an auction dinner to fundraise for Black Jaguar –White Tiger foundation in order to help them preserve more than 300 animals in the sanctuary.

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