The fusion of the real and the digital

    digital boutique

    The fusion of the real and the digital

    digital boutique

    Personalised experience

    Hublot understands that the major asset of an excellent customer relationship is based on trust, availability and flexibility, Hublot has innovatively imagined an online digital store that perfectly complements the role and presence of its Boutiques through the world.

    From an advanced technological solution developed by the brand, Hublot’s sales advisors can, in real- time, via an interactive terminal, offer customers a service that is identical to that existing in the physical boutiques. A digital universe offering a virtual experience, one that is not alternative but complementary to that in its points of sale. An original way of responding to a modern world that needs to be able to obtain information and answers in real time.

    « Our availability and our willingness to be there for our customers is a way of showing them that we care about them as individuals. »
    Ricardo Guadalupe
    CEO Hublot

    digital boutique

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