BIG BANG UNICO ALL BLACK "Limited Edition - Hublot Boutique Exclusive"

Visit us and find out about Hublot's first collection of watches available exclusively from Hublot boutiques across the world.

It is the first time that Hublot has created a collection of watches which will only be available in selected Hublot boutiques across the world.

They bear the simple yet prestigious stamp: "Limited Edition - Hublot Boutique Exclusive". A special range will be released each year. And, of course, an iconic model, the very essence of the brand, was chosen to represent the inaugural range: The BIG BANG UNICO ALL BLACK, rendered in elegant colour for this occasion.

A fusion of matt black with blue, red, green or orange, this special BIG BANG UNICO ALL BLACK is available in 4 colourways. It is quintessentially Hublot in that it fuses the Big Bang's iconic design and the 100% manufacture chronograph movement — unique in the industry with its column wheel and double clutch visible on the dial — all showcased by the unique All Black design, visible invisibility invented by Hublot, and completed by a strap made from alligator sewn onto the famous rubber so dear to the brand. This first special edition range will have a dedicated launch in the Hublot boutiques, which will sport special window wraps to mark the occasion. The cases and display units will also be different, and stamped with this new collection.