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Hublot and Lang Lang are changing the times to the sound of cathedrals.

The Chinese virtuoso, the coolest musician in the world, likes to shake up codes and reinvent the great classics. The young maestro has been setting the ivories on fire since he was five, and is leaving his mark of talent and freedom on two limited editions that he has created with Hublot.

Lang Lang, the world famous pianist, joined the Hublot family in January 2015. The Chinese-American chose the Swiss brand because it is true to his character. Like him it respects tradition and connects it to the future. A philosophy based on a credo: The Art of Fusion, a fusion of styles and techniques. Hublot and Lang Lang master complicated movements and operating ranges. From now on when he sets the piano keys alight Lang Lang will have a watch that was conceived, designed and developed by Hublot strapped to his wrist. Lang Lang gave a private concert in the Grandes Complications workshop at the Hublot Manufacture in Nyon and has ever since dreamed of finding the time for a duet.

"I don't just want to be a pianist, I want to influence the next generation. Playing in itself is nothing, technique and hours of work only have meaning if they allow you to explore something new. Tradition inspires me and it is freedom that allows me to give my own interpretation of the music on stage."

Lang Lang

Hublot and Lang Lang join hands to push “The Art of Fusion” to The Peak in Hong Kong

On 17th November, 2016, Hublot and Lang Lang took “Art of Fusion” to a whole new level by holding another intriguing concert on The Peak, one of Hong Kong’s most iconic destinations.

Among the spirited guests arriving at nightfall was Mr. Benoit Toulin, President of Watch & Jewelry Greater China and Mr. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China. The event was held at Sky Terrace 428 at The Peak – The highest viewing platform standing at 428 metres above sea level in Hong Kong. Located at the pinnacle of the island, the venue enjoys a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour’s renowned night scene. The event was kicked off with a speech by Mr. Loic Biver, followed by the launch of the latest collaboration of Hublot and Lang Lang: CLASSIC FUSION TOURBILLON CATHEDRAL MINUTE REPEATER CARBON LANG LANG and CLASSIC FUSION 45 mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin LANG LANG. Mr. Loic Biver invited the versatile pianist on stage to share with the audience the design concepts behind the timepieces and their relationship with music. The event was then brought to a climax when the distinguished pianist took the stage and enthralled the audience with his beautiful and passionate music. The sweet music by Lang Lang and the glamorous view of Hong Kong worked perfectly to provide the audience a magical music journey. The performance was completed with a toast to celebrate the marvellous performance by Lang Lang and launch of the two novelties.

“Hublot is delighted to work with Lang Lang again, staging a wonderful piano concert while promoting the art of music and watchmaking in the pinnacle of this lovely city. The two novelties are endorsed by various music elements and the unique charisma of Lang Lang. Combining the best of watchmaking including innovative materials, a minute repeater and a tourbillon, the timepieces perfectly reflect the ‘Art of Fusion’,” Mr. Loic Biver remarked.



The young Chinese prodigy had one sound missing from his classical repertoire: the Minute Repeater—now he has it covered. The Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang sounds the hours and minutes with the supreme tone of a "cathedral" double gong. Like the hammers that strike the strings in his piano, the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang has two tiny hammers that ring its double gong—steel wires wound around the movement—engraved with the virtuoso's name. The minute repeater—the most sophisticated movement there is—includes racks, snails, cams and wheels. Lang Lang was won over by the charm of this movement that requires the same mastery as the piano. Like a great pianist, master watchmakers must perfect their art over years of experience and dedicate hundreds of hours of work to achieve the perfect sound.

The Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon Lang Lang was inspired by the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater that won the prestigious Grand Prix de Genève in the "striking watch" category in 2014. It possesses the lightness and the comfort of carbon to allow the pianist the utmost ease in practising his art. The low density of carbon makes the case into an optimal sound chamber, strengthening the power of the notes when they chime.

The Minute Repeater is also equipped with a "cathedral" double gong that gives a powerful sound with rich harmonies that last. A ring with two true musical notes. Music is present in the slightest details, the indexes on the dial at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock are respectively replaced by a bass clef—the pianist's left hand—a treble clef—their right hand—and a stylised sixteenth note that recalls Lang Lang's initials. Produced in a series of eight, it combines two major complications, the striking-mechanism and the tourbillon, 427 components that defy gravity and ring the hours, whilst offering a power reserve of 85 hours.

CLASSIC FUSION 45 mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin LANG LANG

Presented in a black ceramic case with a diameter of 45 m and a thickness of 8.15 mm, the Classic Fusion 45 mm Ceramic Ultra-Thin Lang Lang is produced in a series of 88—the number of keys on a piano. Its dial shows the artist's signature at 3 o'clock, a small second hand at 7 o'clock and a stylised semiquaver that recalls Lang Lang's initials at 12 o'clock. The index, hands, H screws and crown are dressed in gold to represent the extraordinary career of the man whose name was destined for success. The sapphire back cover is stamped with a design that shows the young virtuoso playing his piano with panache and his name written in Chinese characters—his first name Lǎng means "sunlight" and his surname Láng means "cultured man". The sapphire back cover reveals a manual winding movement, decorated with musical notes. The leather strap is marked with the five lines of a musical score as if waiting to receive notes composed by the maestro.

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