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Hublot Friend of the Brand and England manager Gareth Southgate starts the Hublot Countdown Clock, which tracks the time until the UEFA European Championships kick off
Gareth Southgate at the unveiling of the UEFA EURO 2020™ Hublot Countdown Clock
1/1 | Gareth Southgate at the unveiling of the UEFA EURO 2020™ Hublot Countdown Clock

One hundred days to go! This afternoon Hublot Friend of the Brand and England football manager Gareth Southgate attended the unveiling of the UEFA EURO 2020™ Hublot Countdown Clock. Hublot is the ‘Official Watch’ of this summer’s tournament, and will time the 51 fixtures that take place in 12 European host cities between June 12 and the final on July 12.

For the next 100 days, the Hublot Countdown Clock will stand in Wembley Park outside the famous Wembley Stadium in London where the semi-finals and final of UEFA Euro 2020 will take place. This will be the pinnacle of the competition after previous rounds have visited 12 stadia across various European cities including Amsterdam, Munich and Rome.

The clock, which is 3.5 meters tall, has a digital screen showing the exact time remaining until the tournament kicks off, and is topped out with a giant Hublot watch showing the current time.

"For me, this is a particularly special moment, being both England manager and part of the Hublot family, to be hosting the Hublot Countdown Clock here at Wembley. These are the tournaments that as a player and a manager you dream of taking part in. Everyone involved in the English game is really looking forward to the tournament."
Gareth Southgate,
England manager and Hublot Friend of the Brand

"Wembley Park has played host to players and fans celebrating some of the most iconic moments in footballing history, and we’re excited to continue that tradition in 2020. With Wembley Park fast becoming a landmark destination with football, culture, entertainment and a community at its heart, the unveiling of the UEFA EURO 2020 Hublot Countdown Clock will prove a fantastic attraction for the next 100 days."
James Saunders
Chief Executive Officer Quintain

In 2006, Hublot became the first Swiss watch brand and first luxury brand to get involved in football. Today, it is a 360-degree partner, supporting every UEFA-sanctioned European football competition for both men and women. The Swiss watch company has been the ‘Official Watch’ to the UEFA European Championships since 2008, and also times the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League and all UEFA Women’s tournaments.